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The Lonely Christmas Tree

Fragrant, shimmering, living tree, with stars above and snow beneath,

Standing alone in the yard outside like the choir-boy figures and the front door wreath,

While the children indoors jump and shout with glee

'Round the glittering cousin of this outdoor tree.


With the misery you feel and the pain in your heart,

Standing out in the yard beneath the cold stars,

You wonder why this time of year is so great

And how Christmas Day did actually start.


Well, the story I've heard every season before,

And the tale folks will hear for many years more,

Is of Jesus, the Saviour, and his wonderful birth -

How he came from above to bring peace to our Earth.


The Wisemen had traveled from far and from wide,

All watching that star, their heavenly guide,

'Til they came to the town known as Bethlehem

And the stable which sheltered the sheep, cows and Him.


He lay on the straw wrapped in a pale sheet,

While the angels sang forth and a sheep gave a bleat.

Soon the shepherds came close to see why the light

Of the star overhead was so terribly bright.


Then they fell on their knees, as the Wisemen did, too,

For they saw the small baby's greatness shine through.

They knew that the king ancient legends told of

Had been sent here at last by his Father above.


Thus the day we call Christmas is really a birthday,

But not just an everyday, common-type birthday,

For it belongs to that child born so long ago,

The little Lord Jesus. And now you know


That while people inside make a fuss o'er that tree,

I'll tell you a secret between you and me,

When Christmas is over and trimmings come down,

That tree in the parlor will be withered and brown,


But you'll still be here when this season comes 'round

For year after year, roots snug in the ground.

You'll remember the story I've told you tonight

And the stars overhead will shine extra bright.


by T.M. Grafius, Sr.


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       Copyright 2015 by T. M. Grafius, Sr., Montoursville, PA 17754

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