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Ohio's economy is pretty equally divided between industry and agriculture. The land ranges from low and fairly level in the north and west to rolling hills in the east and south.  I. 77 and I. 75 cut through the state from north to south, I. 70 and I.80 from west to east, and I.71 slices diagonally from the northeast to the southwest.   Note: Copy and save any of the photos from this site FREE or purchase larger, printable photographs for a modest fee. Contact me via the e-mail address at the bottom of this page.
Old farm in Bethlehem, Ohio. Lake-side facility near Lorain, Ohio.

Limestone quarry northwest Ohio.

Old farm in Bethlehem, in north-central Ohio. Off-shoot of Lake Erie near Lorain, OH. I picked up 4000 lb. sacks of minerals at white bldg. on the left.

Limestone quarry off I.75, northwest Ohio.

I.80 is a toll road for most of the width of Ohio.  Some trucking companies do not like to pay tolls, so if the driver does not want to pay out of his own pocket, he (she) is forced to use alternative routes such as US224, US250, US20, US30, US6 and the like.  Two-thirds of these roads are two-lane country roads, winding through small towns, following property lines, crossing ungated railroad tracks.  The scenery is pleasant, but this is not the way to make good time on the road.  Here are some scenes from rural Ohio. 

Welcome to Willard, Ohio. Country road-US.250, northcentral Ohio. Snow-covered US 20, western Ohio.
Approaching Willard, north central Ohio. A typical section of US 250 in north-central Ohio. A pleasant winter day on US 20, western Ohio.
Rural motel outside Dalton, Ohio. Winter woods off US 322, northeast Ohio. Section of Maumee River, Ohio.
A motel I stayed at while delivering vehicles for Morgan. Dalton, OH. Wintery woods seen from US 322 in north east Ohio. Maumee River, north west Ohio.

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Capital = Columbus , Population = 11,542,645

Cooper Tire plant, southwest Ohio. General Electric Aircraft Engine plant, Ohio. Nuclear power plant near Bono, Ohio.
Cooper Tire plant along I.75 south of Dayton, Ohio. General Electric Aircraft Engine plant by I.75 north of Cincinnati, Ohio.  A nuclear electricity-generating facility near Bono, Ohio, east of Toledo.
Whirlpool appliance factory, Clyde, Ohio. Truck trailers riding a train. PTL truck at Ohio dock.
Whirlpool appliance factory and distribution center in Clyde, Ohio. Piggy-back trailers being hauled by trains, a common sight beside US Rte.6 in western Ohio. PTL truck I was driving, sitting at dock waiting to be loaded outside Cleveland, Ohio.

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Signs and Places Seen in Ohio

  • Football Hall of Fame - Canton, OH
  • Licking River, near Cincinnati
  • King's Island Amusement Park - I.71 near Cincinnati
  • Islamic Center, off I.75, south of Toledo
  • Toledo Art Museum
  • Ohio Wesleyan University
  • Museum of Labor and Industry
  • Youngstown State University
  • Neil Armstrong Museum, Exit 110
  • Old Windmill Antiques, Art Museum, Oberlin, OH
  • Toledo Mud Hens Museum
  • Dams, locks, power plants, barges on and along Ohio River
  • Scioto Downs Harness Racing
  • Holy Trinity Byzantine Catholic Church
  • Zane Gray Museum - Zanesville, OH
  • Little Miami River Scenic Area
  • Dayton Art Institute, Dayton, OH
  • University of Akron
  • Northeast Ohio College of Medicine
  • Marion Technical University
  • Ohio State University
  • Marion Correctional Institution on Williamsport Road, Marion, OH
  • Pioneer Sugar silos, I.75 south of Toledo
  • Ted Lewis Museum
  • Original "House the Jack Built"
  • Circleville Bible College
  • Annie's Slovenian Restaurant
  • Tiger Creek Power Plant

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