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Photos of American Water Towers in Metairie, LA, Miamisburg, OH, and Plover, WI by Trucker Mike: page 2

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K&R Delivery water tower, maybe. Metarie, Louisiana water tower. Miamisburg, Ohio, water tower.
I think this water tower carries an ad for K&R Delivery, somewhere in Illinois. Neat tower from Jefferson Parish, Metairie, LA.


Modern tower, Miamisburg, OH
Bay Tree water tower. Northern Kentucky Water Service tower. Perrysburg, Ohio, water tower.
Bay Tree water tower. Does it look like a golf ball? North Kentucky Water Service District water tower along I.71/75 in north-central Kentucky. Perrysburg, OH, off I.75 south of Toledo.
Portland, Indiana, water tower. Halifax, NC water tower. Seville, Ohio, water tower.
Older-style tower in Portland, OH Halifax, North Carolina, Industrial Park water tower. Sleek water tower in Seville, OH, along I.76.
Lexington, Kentucky, water tower. Black water tower, Wisconsin. Springboro, Ohio, water tower.
Impressive tower near Lexington, Kentucky. Corey Coyle tells me this is at a Del Monte Foods plant in Plover, WI, off I.39 near Exit 153. Large, squat tower in Springboro, OH
Stonebridge water tower, Tennessee. Texarkana water tower, Texas. Sleek silver tower, Somewhere, USA.
A visitor to the site says this tower is on I.40 at junction with Hwy. 64 near Memphis Massive tower in Texarkana, TX, off I.30. The Unknown Tower - who recognizes it?
Williamstown, Kentucky, water tower. Wytheville, VA, balloon tower. Chambersburg, Penna., water tower.
Williamstown, KY water tower beside I.75. Colorful tower in Wytheville, VA, off I.81 Chambersburg, Penna., water tower in South-central PA along I.81.

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